Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm back =D

I'm back with a new meee~
gonna change my link ady..stay tuned! esp timk =p

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I survived 3 days of morning papers.and it really sucks,I totally hate it when I relate it to my future.3 hours of papers =my future?Life is not about exams,academics and how many A's.But I really felt so depressing and disappointed..I wish I have 8 GB memory.I looked at the questions..this is what I have studied,this one I can do.but ended up nothing like that.Seriously,the disappointment in urself is worst than the disappointments u felt in others.cause it's always so easy and forget.
I barely knew how to live.All I can do is rely on prayers.really..keep telling myself to keep holding on..have faith,keep believing in myself..but it's nver easy.never come to an edge of breaking down like this.and now I know how it felt.
A big thank you for all the wishes and prayers.It meant alot.
esp nana's "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me'
and bumbum
and sis..I was thinking abt wht kind of results I will get after tuition.I asked sis do i have alternative?sis told me tht u never even try then u are making conclusion.I really appreciate that.thats wht keeps me going until now.really need to take a break and recharge!
have faith and keep holding on!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Too many things happened in this week.No break for my mental and physical health.Now,I'm down with itchy throat!mengada betul..Are you easily affected by people around you?If they are happy,you will be as bubbly and happy as them.But when they are sad,you can't help but eventually you will feel sad also?Honestly,I am that kind of person.I can't use any word to describe this kind of feeling other than roller-coaster.It's like one moment you are going to touch the sky!*doom*Now,you are slipping down.
I wanna search the 'old' me.The super optimistic one.The one always smile from the bottom of her heart.The one who always how to forgive and forget.The one who doesn't bother how people judge her.The one who wants to be happy 24/7.The one who can takes jokes well.The one who wants her loved ones to be happy all the time.
I don't know how long this mission is going to takes me.But I hope as soon as possible because I can't bear it anymore.If next time someone is angry yet I can still laugh like usual,it is not that I don't care how you feel,I do care,but I need a life.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Saturday, May 30, 2009

amazing scenery!

This is so beautiful!!and it took us more than 2 hours or 3 to reach the top!
a part of my sweet memories =)

*One day,I'll be going there again =>

Friday, April 3, 2009

A loud sighh

This is a what I am feeling right nowww.I dont know how to explain this feeling but its like my heart is aching.I really heart you guys but why is it everybody is doing the same thing?This one tak tahu..(darn) and others said last min and so on.........I just got home at around 5pm and Mandy and I were trying our best ady.What more you guys want?Who are we suppose to depend then?I really feel like dont bother anymore...Sigh.......don't know what to say anymore..I thought growing up will not affect our relationships till now.What is everything different now?Can someone please tell me?

Monday, March 16, 2009

So yesterday

I know my blog is so yesterday!!still talking about CNY.Anyway,there is no much updates in my life.Everything is as usual just that I had tests recently.Apparently,I'm not good enough.So,got to work way harder for STPM.

Time really flies!It's march now.Soon,it will be novemeber and there is when I have to make a decision and really think about what I wanan do,But before that,I got to work really really hard to achieve what I have yearned for.

I have been going out since friday.Gosh,what a 'right' way to start my hols.But it felt really nice to ignore all the assignments and just chill with friends.By thw way,I went to Lim Kok Wing today.It was kinda fun when we were in the bus!making tonnes of noise by singing out of tune and so on.Thank god the driver just ignored us without telling us to shut up.

Some pretty bottles designed by the students there.

I like this!

Random scene

In putrajaya

The place which we visited during f3!

Blue blue skies!pure bliss =)

*I am going to finish this this hols!!!I wont take 1 year unlike someone =p!

It's a mixed feelings actually.It is unbearable because I can't stand the pain and I can't make it go away.I just dont know what you want and I really dont know what i want from you.I can't let things be like normal cause things are hanging there and it doesn't get me anywhere.The truth is I'm really confused whether to believe what I've heard and seen or just simply believe you and hoping that you are true to yourself?Tell me what should I do,will you?